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The Artificial Nails

Transform your nails into works of art with our expertly crafted artificial nail designs that are both stylish and durable

Nail Shapes

  • Overall look and feel of your nails

    Nail shapes refer to the different ways in which nails can be filed and shaped to create a specific look. The most common nail shapes include round, square, oval, almond, and stiletto. Each nail shape has its own unique style and characteristics that can enhance the overall appearance of the nails and hands. Choosing the right nail shape depends on personal preference, lifestyle, and the occasion. It's important to consider factors such as comfort, functionality, and the overall look you want to achieve when selecting a nail shape.

Artificial Nails

  •      Full set    Fill
  • Clear $50    $40
  • Shellac $60    $45
  • Pink & White French $65    $50
  • P&W Ombre/ Color French $70    $55
  • Color/ Glitter Ombre $75    $60
  • Set Powder Dip (Overlay) $55
  • Set Powder Dip (w. tips) $60
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